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Related article: Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 23:15:02 -0400 (EDT) From: Kendall Subject: After World's End, Part 4This is a work of erotic fiction, and is not intended for reading by anyone under the age of 18. All characters and events portrayed in this story are fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons or events is coincidental. Do not read further if you are under 18 or if pornography is illegal in the area in which you live.Comments may be sent to -- No flames please, I shouldn't have to deal with that after posting here. More to come -- I just don't know when.After World's End, Part 4By and copyright Kendall Hart, 2007(gg, Gg, ggggg, Mg, MG, MGg, Mgg, inc, ped, cons, d/s)Five year-old Kelly Grant sucked me to my first orgasm of the day -- and her efforts and my reactions woke the other girls. After sucking me clean, Kelly couldn't kiss me, as Harmony Blake was kneeling over my face while I ate her pussy, so she instead buried her face in the nearest unoccupied pussy (Katie's) and ate her ferociously.Before long, we moved out to the living room of the RV half of our military RV/storage vehicle, and there I fucked each of the Blake twins, amazed at how wonderful they both were, how *into it.* It wasn't horribly different from my first time fucking Katie, save that each girl laid beside her twin sister and kissed her and caressed her while I made love to the other.After fucking Melody, I put my foot down (and my pants on) and made breakfast. My sister was still over a thousand miles away, if she was alive, and I needed to know if she was alive, get to her if she was. By pre-making lunch, and driving straight through while the girls ate and I munched a couple sandwiches while driving, I managed to get ten hours at an average speed of 35 mph in. The highways were fairly clear, sure -- but only fairly, after the plague that had all but wiped out humanity. Lots had panicked and tried to drive away from urban centers, and died on the highway. Tough drive.After supper, I got a real (and new) treat. The girls -- my original girls -- knew that I was good for a maximum of six orgasms after a long and quiet day, and had passed the word. Sara had explained about how she liked it rough sometimes, and the younger girls accepted it, wanted to see it. So that night, before we started, the six of them matched or played eenie-meanie-miney- mo or . . . something, and picked the one girl who wouldn't have sex with me that night at all, so that Sara could show the new girls about rough fucking and rough cocksucking. Jenny lost, but took it well, as the others devoted the afternoon drive to making her come her brains out.So first, I fucked Katie with her on my lap, cuddled up to my chest, sighing happily between more boisterous cries of orgasm. Then Kelly asked me to fuck her "some new way, you choose," and I did her doggie-style while she ate Sara's pussy.Then I fucked Sara's mouth, going as violently as she'd come to love, hand twisted in her hair, pounding into her mouth almost brutally -- and she came constantly, never touching herself to make it happen.Then I fucked Sara with her on her belly, pressed down under my weight, shoulders pinned in place by my elbows resting just in front of them, body pinned down by a good deal of my weight. I fucked her hard -- and she screamed for more, and harder, after every orgasm.As soon as I'd finished fucking Sara, Jenny gave me the "clean up" suck in her sister's place -- then slid under Sara to begin eating her."So, ladies," I said to the twins. "What would you like to do?""Well, later, I'm gonna want you to fuck my mouth and my pussy that hard," Melody said. "But tonight . . . we wanna try somethin' that lets us both have fun with you at once. And each other.""Doggie style while the one being fucked eats the other?" I guessed, that being very popular with my original trio."No, better," Harmony said, blushing. "We seen some porn on the net -- Sara and Jenny and Katie never did, I guess, their parents had computer nanny stuff on them, I guess. But we remember one thing and we wanna do it.""I'll try it," I said. "So long as there's no butt-fucking involved, anyway.""No, that's gotta be gross," Harmony said. She came to me, kissed me, stroked my cock, then straddled me, facing away. "This should be awesome, though."She lowered herself onto my cock, moving pretty slowly, as, while she was wet, this position was new to her, and a little awkward at first.Then I was in Harmony's pussy all the way, and she was whimpering in delight.And then Melody spread my legs a little more than they were, moved between them -- and leaned in to lick her twin sister's clit. Harmony came *right then* (so did Melody, of course -- they seemed unsurprised by it, and were puzzled over why it surprised all the rest of us) -- and it felt like she was about to tear my dick off. And Melody kept her lips and tongue working on Harmony's pussy even as I (involuntarily) started moving, thrusting in and out of that sweet little pussy. I had to bite my lips to keep from screaming as Melody's tongue worked against the shaft of my cock while she ate her sister, and Harmony's orgasms made fucking her an adventure in timing -- I had to be careful not to try to thrust in as she clamped down. The twin sensations of little-girl pussy and little-girl tongue on my cock made me lose it again, and my conscious mind went away, leaving only the pleasure-savage.After a surprisingly short time, I came, dumping a larger fifth load than usual -- the only fifth load that had ever been bigger was the first time I fucked Katie's mouth that first night, I think -- into Harmony's sweet little pussy while her orgasm milked me dry. Once I softened and was forced out, Melody simply moved closer and began eating her twin's pussy a little more vigorously, lapping my come out with delight. And of course, Harmony's writhing and that beautiful sight of an eight year-old eating her twin sister's pussy drove me back to fully erect.They switched, after Harmony had come three times under her sister's tongue, and again, I came faster than I thought I could, and produced more sperm than I thought possible. After Harmony had cleaned all my come out of Melody's pussy, I kissed all six girls good night, and went to bed while they carried on with their mini-orgy.The next day, we passed a group of four people -- the only other adult male I'd seen to date, an adult female, and two girls of about Sara's age -- and we stopped and got out after passing them. They approached cautiously, and we had a brief dialogue. They refused to join us, they were going to Southern California to check on the woman's family, then probably to settle on the coast somewhere. Even the temptation of "a place that has power, still" couldn't sway them.One thing about the dialogue that made me . . . a little less tense; they were very obviously two couples. Adult man (close to my age, probably) and 13-ish girl were one couple, and the woman (25 to 28) and the 12-ish girl were another. I wasn't the only person who'd adapted to the lack of laws about relationships, then. Good.About halfway across Wyoming, somebody tried to attack us as we drove by an exit to a small town. They were using ordinary rifles, though, which couldn't even damage the *windows* of the "Grand Hotel" (as soldiers called the rolling Officer's-Quarters-slash-supply-vehicle that we were in), let alone pierce Kds Preteen the body. I accelerated, left them behind, and called reassurances back to the girls, who were, of course, frightened. That day, they were glad that we weren't stopping for lunch -- more distance between us and the "assholes" before stopping was fine with them.As we got closer to Idaho, I got more and more nervous, for two reasons: First, what if Beth wasn't in Central Point? What if she'd . . . died?And second, if she *hadn't* died, if she was there waiting for me . . . how the high-rolling fuck was I supposed to explain to my sixteen year-old sister that I was fucking six girls ranging from age five to age 13? And deeply in love with each of them, in a peculiar fashion that combined parental feelings, romantic love, and mad passion?Not easy, that. I was worried.Sara helped, listened to me, helped explain to the other girls that, if we found Beth, we'd have to be very quiet about our relationship until I found a way to tell her."In fact, I think it's gonna be a tough few days," Beth said. "We're all gonna have to pretend to be just friends and sisters for a while -- sex only at night, late, or when Beth's not around, and for god's sake, scream into a pillow if you scream when you come!"Sara wouldn't even consider that Beth might have died. "No way," she said. "The news said -- before everything went off the air -- that women survived at a more than four-to-one rate better than men, and that siblings showed a strong thingamie -- if your brother or sister lived, you were *way* more likely to. Since she wasn't sick that late in the mess, and you lived -- she's alive. Dummy."We stopped a little early the night before arriving at Central Point. I could have gotten us there with an hour and a half of extra driving. Instead, I stopped an hour early, made a big, big supper, and gave my six little lovers the best sex I could. I let each choose what they wanted. They drew lots for the order I'd do them in, and each girl got one orgasm from me.Sara had me fuck her mouth in the shower, with her head against the wall and no room for retreat. I found new strength and endurance for her, and did it harder than ever, and managed to hold off coming for quite a while.Harmony wanted me to fuck her while her sister ate her out. That was as intense as ever, with one twin on my cock, the other twin's tongue laving my cock as she ate her sister's pussy. And of course, Melody cleaned my come out of Harmony afterwards.Jenny wanted fucked up against the wall -- but facing the wall. That was new and different, and a little awkward -- but we both loved it. She came buckets, I came hard, and the only downside was a little bit of arm-strain from holding her up, since her legs couldn't wrap around me.Katie asked me to fuck her up against the wall, too -- new, for her -- but she faced me, wrapped arms and legs around me to cuddle. She asked for me to go harder than usual, and I did -- nothing like what I did to Sara on a regular basis, but pretty hard, considering that Katie was only eight.Kelly . . . Kelly had brought something from home that day after we'd found them that she understood turned me on, though she didn't understand why, really, and now she held it and asked me to stand up and fuck her mouth -- while she clutched and cuddled her teddy-bear, whose name was Miss Bartleby. Having your cock sucked with skill and delight by a five year- old girl who's cuddling her teddy-bear -- is there anything more devastatingly kinky in the world? I dumped a ton of come in that willing little mouth Kds Preteen after fucking it harder than I'd expected to -- but when she patted me on the butt with the bear to get me to go harder . . . well, I almost lost it.And finally, Melody. She said she wanted to be fucked doggie-style and "just like you do Sara -- hard!" while her sister lay under her and licked her pussy. She said she'd like to maybe try it as a "sixty-nine plus cock" -- but figured she'd never be able to concentrate on eating Harmony while being fucked "super-hard, I mean it, Jordan!"I fucked Melody as hard as the position allowed, while Harmony licked her twin sister's pussy and my cock -- and Melody (and Harmony, of course, by "sympathetic come") actually passed out from their powerful orgasm at the end of things.The next morning, all the girls sucked me off, in a descending order -- oldest to youngest -- before we finally started for Central Point, some two and a half hours away.We arrived at the edge of the town, which was nestled in a small valley -- and Sara pointed and cried excitedly, "Look!"The first house we passed had a TV set, showing nothing but snow, visible through the window."Power!" Sara cried. "It's still got power!"As we got close to downtown, I saw a sign -- and whooped. Beth was here, and she was alive!"What, Jordan?" Jenny asked. "Do you see her?""No, look at that sign!" I said, pointing at the make-your-own-sign in front of a bar, stopping so the girls could see it.The girls looked, and I re-read it."Better Eating Than Home!" it said. "First and Sixteenth, then confederate. Troops come home!""I don't get it," Sara said."Better Eating Than Home!" I said. "B-E-T-H! Beth! The rest is directions, probably -- I need a map!""There's a gas station down there," Melody said. "Let me see if I get it -- First and Sixteenth streets, right? Then what?""Confederate means south," I said. "In the Civil War, the South's army was the Confederate Army. And "troops come home" -- before you were born, people used to show a yellow ribbon on their property to support troops coming home from whatever war. Go to first and sixteenth, then south, look for the yellow ribbon! It's a great way to tell me where she is without advertising to strangers!"I found a map -- and got confused. Central Point had no numbered streets."What the hell?" I muttered -- and Jenny solved it for me."Hey, there's Washington Street," she said. "He was the first president, right? Who was sixteenth?""Jenny, you're brilliant!" I said, following Washington Street on the map. I traced it with a finger to where it crossed -- "Lincoln Avenue! Brilliant, kiddo! Then south on Lincoln, and we look for a yellow ribbon."I kissed each girl one last time as a lover, for a while at least, then started moving.Seven minutes later, Katie cried, "THERE! On the end, the big house! Yellow ribbon around the tree!"I pulled over, leaped out of the Grand Hotel, and charged the monstrous house -- and I got maybe three steps up the walk before the front door banged open, and my sister, Bethany Marie White, was charging at me, shouting my name and crying happy tears to match my own.It was most of a minute before we could stop hugging and kissing each other and crying and babbling nonsense -- and I'm not even a little ashamed to admit it. The relief -- you don't know. You *can't* know, I don't think."My god, you made it!" Beth said, laughing and sobbing at the same time. "YOU MADE IT! Jordan, I was so scared!""It's okay, Beth," I said. "I'm here. I'm here. I'm okay, you're okay, and we're here.""And I see you brought some friends," Beth said. "No surprise. I figured you for having more with you, really. Better introduce us."I did so, going from Sara down to Kelly, and watching the girls' faces as they took in my sister. Mostly, they were about drooling, though they hid it well, and Beth was too happy to notice what they failed to hide.My sister is five-two, weighs about a hundred and ten pounds, and was put together with an eye to making priests give up little boys and forsake their vows. She's got the same pale-blond hair and hazel eyes that I do (though her eyes lean more towards a goldish-brown, and mine a sort of greenish-brown, and her hair hangs halfway to her waist), and facially . . . well, she's unmistakably my sister. Same face, just . . . feminized. Beautifully so, and emphatically -- but the same cheekbones and nose and eyes.And her body -- whoa. I'd been around my little lovers long enough that I'd forgotten what a body like Beth's could do to a guy -- and was a little surprised to realize that it was doing it to *me.*Beth's legs and arms were smooth and toned -- not bulky, but beautifully toned, she was a swimming fiend. Her butt was what you'd expect of someone who swam fifty laps every day she could, and ran some besides, and her waist delightfully tiny. Cap this with a pair of C-cup breasts Kds Preteen that had never so much as *heard* the word "gravity," and seemed to constantly have hard nipples that could only be missed by the blind -- they stood up beautifully, and her areolas were almost always visibly tightened as well -- and you had a package that could make a dead man stand up and take notice -- or, for that matter, a bunch of bisexual little girls."Wow, okay," Beth said with a chuckle. "Looks I got a bunch of little sisters, now, huh? That's just cool!"Come on inside -- I picked this place because I knew you'd never show up alone, bro, and I wanted room for you and me and everyone you brought with you."Beth had settled into "Miss Connie's Bed and Breakfast," or so the sign out front (that I'd missed seeing in my excitement) said. It was a huge, three-story brick place with a pair of working elevators, a restaurant-style kitchen, and some fourteen bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. There was a small parlor/living room on both the second and third stories, as well as a tiny kitchen on each. The downstairs living room was freaking huge, sported a huge TV/home theater system, and had a fireplace that you could've cooked a pig in. A *big* pig. In addition, there was a fireplace in the kitchen, one in the master bedroom on the first floor, and one in each of the two biggest bedrooms on the second and third floors. Added bonuses included a back yard that was pretty much huge, a back deck big enough for a party of thirty people or so if they never left the deck, a grill big enough to cook for a huge number of people at once, a walk in freezer and a walk-in refrigerator, both restaurant sized -- and an additional, *larger* walk in freezer in the basement.And Beth, bless her brilliant mind, had not been idle while she waited for me. She'd hit every grocery store in town, brought all the frozen meat she could find and fit in the freezers back here, then done the same with frozen veggies, moving to other restaurants and using their freezers when she ran out of space here. The pantry was filled to bursting with canned and dry goods, and every one of the many cupboards here the same. She'd even brought cases of canned and dry stuff in and stored them in the garage. In the end, I had to just leave all the food we'd brought in the storage section of the Grand Hotel in there, after running up the windmill for power and topping off the diesel tank in case the wind died while the sun was down."You did great," I said. "I'm proud of you, Beth -- you thought it through, you prepared better than some of the military guys I knew would have.""Thanks, Jordan," she said, and hugged me. "God, I am so glad you're here! And your girls? Yeah. I love them already. Sweethearts, one and all. And I swear, I think I may have to adopt Kelly -- that's a doll, bro, and no getting around it.""Yeah," I said. "Hey, have you been to the power station?""I have," she said. "I did all the lubrication checks and pressure checks, and everything's fine -- I go every other day, to be sure -- they recommend once a week -- and I'll go again tomorrow. That soon enough for you?""Yeah," I said. I took a deep breath of the crisp, slightly thin air (we were on the front porch, watching as the girls unloaded their things and took them inside to the rooms they'd chosen). "I think today is a mandated day off. We play some. Been a long drive, and the girls haven't gotten out much.""Good idea," Beth said. "Once they're done unpacking, we'll hit a park -- I have a favorite."Beth seemed unsurprised when the twins took one room, and Kelly an adjoining room, and the Gibson girls a set of adjoining rooms. Kds Preteen She insisted that I take the master bedroom, and hers, while not adjoining it, was next door.We ate lunch, then went to a big, rambling park, and I saw why it was Beth's favorite -- it had an indoor pool, the indoor part mandated by it rarely getting over eighty degrees here, even in the depths of summer. Cool mountain air . . . here it was the first week of September, and sixty-five degrees at two in the afternoon. The girls got lost in playing on the wide variety of playground equipment, even Sara having a good time. And that left me alone with Beth for a while."So," I said casually, "are you ready to tell me why the folks shipped you off to Aunt Wendy for the summer, yet?""Um, I guess," Beth said, looking sort of scared. "It's . . . Jordan, I'm . . . please don't yell? Okay? I just . . . it's been a perfect day, and I want it to stay perfect, so please, don't yell.""I'll promise not to yell," I said. "And I'll promise to try not to lecture, if whatever it was was too stupid. Only way I'll be really angry with you, Beth, is if it was something that endangered your life or health.""It wasn't anything like that," Beth said hastily. "No drugs, or anything . . . bad illegal. And it wasn't so much illegal on my end, even. I mean, it was, but I wouldn't have been charged.""Okay, this sounds interesting," I said, trying to keep it light. "Explain, please?""I . . . had a boyfriend," Beth said. "And mom and dad found out and went . . . nova. Insane. Off-the-charts pissed.""Let me guess," I said. "The boyfriend was a hood?""No," Beth said, blushing. "And . . . boyfriend isn't the right word, I guess, Jordan. I had a . . . a gentleman friend."I'm slow. It took a few seconds to soak in."Oh," I said. "I think I see. No hoodlum?""No hoodlum," Beth said. "In fact, he was an architect. Had his own firm and everything.""How old was he?" I asked."Forty-four," Beth said. "Almost forty-five when . . . when mom and dad found out.""I see," I said. "Well, I can see the problem, from their point of view -- but, sis . . . not mad. Deeply, seriously not mad. Not even upset.""Are you serious?" Beth asked after a moment of stunned silence."Honey, it's your body," I said. "What you do with it -- your business. You're smart, and your very mature. And I know . . . I know the attraction of older men. A lot of girls had crushes on me, while I was teaching. I get it -- boys your own age, losers. And actually, I'd rather you lost your virginity to an older, more experienced guy -- less likely to hurt you, more likely to make it special. And it should be special.""Um, actually," Beth said, blushing, but looking . . . well, looking like talking about this was a relief for her. "Actually, I'm still a virgin. That way, anyway. We never made love. Pretty much everything else, but . . . never that.""Weren't together that long, huh?" I said. "Well, I --""No, we were together almost a year," Beth interrupted. "Since July of last year, and Mom and dad found out in late May of this year.""Well, then he wasn't rushing you, that's good," I said. I was puzzled, but willing to let it go -- but Beth needed to talk, still."No, it wasn't that, really," Beth said -- and she blushed darker, and her nipples got so hard they showed through the windbreaker she had on. "It . . . Jordan, can I . . . can I tell you about this, all of this, and . . . and still hold you to your promise about not getting mad?""You can tell me anything, sis," I said. "If you need to talk, I'm here -- but you don't have to tell me.""I know I don't," she said. Kds Preteen "It's just . . . look, the world's *over,* like we knew it before, anyway. And we can start over here, and I think people will get here, join us, eventually -- we're all that's here, I'm sure, right now."But anyway . . . when I find someone else, you're going to know it. It'll be all 'small town,' and no keeping secrets, I know that -- so you'll know. And I want to tell you before . . . before you have to know because I'm involved and doing it.""Then tell me what you need to say," I said. "No yelling, minimal lecturing. Promise.""Okay," Beth said. "I met Will a year ago last summer at the pool, and we . . . talked. And I was amazed that he didn't seem to care that I was fifteen, and wasn't . . . he never hit on me, just talked to me like I was a grown-up, not a kid. I liked that. And one day a week later, I ran into him at the mall, and we had lunch -- and he asked me back to his house. Point blank. No excuses, no . Kds Preteen . . he didn't try to hide that he was inviting me to his house because he was interested in me as a female. I was hugely interested in him, and went with him. That first day, we just . . . necked. And petted. And it was heavenly -- he could do things with his fingers no boy ever learned."We snuck around seeing each other -- he was good at it, taught me to be. And things went really . . . quick. The second time we got together, I blew him and he ate me, and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. But . . . he wouldn't fuck me. He wouldn't say why not, for a while at least -- but finally, I told him one day that I wasn't going to see him anymore if he wouldn't at least tell me *why* he wouldn't fuck me. And he told me, and . . . well I think he expected me to freak, Jordan. And I . . . didn't. In fact, I asked a lot of questions about what he said, and then . . . we experimented, and oh, *fuck,* but I loved what happened . . . and I accepted, then, that he wouldn't fuck me yet, and we kept going, experimenting and . . . playing and doing all sorts of kinky things. But we never fucked -- that was going to have to wait until I turned eighteen so that I could . . . meet his conditions.""Okay, now I'm curious as all hell," I admitted. "Tell me, sis -- what was going on?""Will told me, when I demanded to know why he wouldn't fuck me," Beth said slowly, trying not to look or sound worried about my reaction and failing, "that he was very, very into dominance and submission -- and that he wouldn't fuck me until he could collar me. Mark me as his, for all the world to see. That, if I wanted to fuck him, I had to be *his.* Be his submissive. I would have to wear the collar all the time, except when I was in the bath or shower, and that he simply would not fuck me before I could do that."In the meantime . . . I *was* his. I . . . I'm very submissive, Jordan, sexually -- and I love that and want it, and . . . and . . . we did things. Things that were heavenly -- and I never got to fuck him, and I know he died, and oh, shit!"I held her while she cried, cuddled her, made comforting nonsense sounds. After a few minutes, she straightened up, looked at me -- then kissed my cheek, and whispered, "You aren't mad, Jordan. I can tell.""Not mad," I agreed. "I've played the dom-sub game, sis, not as a regular lifestyle thing, but . . . for fun, with some women. If you're a submissive, and you need to be dominated . . . okay. I think it's a shame that Will's need went so far that you never got to make love -- but I'm okay with you being that way.""There were compensations," Beth said. "And still some very submissive acts. I could shock you, and tell you -- but you're being sweet.""He probably tied you down and ate you, teased a lot, before actually bringing you off," I said, grinning wickedly at Beth. "And I'll bet he fucked your mouth -- probably very, very hard. And he may have spanked you, cropped you, even whipped you. Is that how you got caught, sweetheart? Mom and Dad see marks?"Beth stared for a long moment, then shook her head and said, "Uh, no. No, I got caught because . . . well, one of the games Will liked was for me to pretend to be a hooker, you know? A sort- of-almost rape thing, where he dominates the little whore against her will, and she Kds Preteen gets into it? I liked that fantasy a lot, really."Well, one day, he decided to max it out. He got a hotel room, gave me an outfit and some money, and I went and changed, then came to the room. He . . . used me, used Kds Preteen me wonderfully, and . . . well, he never whipped me -- I didn't want that, and he accepted it, never brought it up again after I said no the first time -- but he was brilliant with a crop or just with his hands. He could make it sting and hurt just the right amount, and never leave a mark. That day, he cropped me good, and . . . and ate me, fingered me hard, then fucked my mouth while he cropped me, and . . . god, Jordan, I came and came and -- sorry, you probably got infoloaded, there."(I had been hit with a little information-overload, yes -- but not how she meant. I was very glad that loose trousers, a long field jacket and where she was sitting kept her from seeing how hard my dick was -- that would probably have freaked her out.)"So we did it," Beth continued, "and it was perfect, and I got dressed in my normal clothes and left -- he gave me cab fare to go home -- and I kissed him good-bye in the door, a proper submissive-lover kiss, and he groped me -- and I never knew that Mom's friend Anne was the head of housekeeping there, and she saw, and she told mom, and . . . things blew up. Will had registered under a fake name -- he had fake ID, he used to be in Army Intelligence, so he knew how to get it -- and I wouldn't tell Mom and Dad his name or anything about him, and they were furious. They called the cops, and the cops interrogated me, and they interviewed all my friends -- thank god I only ever told Ashley about it, and she kept her mouth shut -- she was a drama fiend, I think they actually believed her when she said she had no idea about me having a boyfriend, let alone a grown-up man."So Mom and Dad shipped me off to Aunt Wendy, out in the middle of fucking nowhere Colorado, and she was all too willing to keep me on a tight leash, being all crazy-Christian and stuff."I'm just glad . . . we talked, before the phones went out, and they . . . they forgave me. Mom and Dad forgave me. And I . . . shit."She was crying again, and I held her again, cried some myself for our dead parents."Anyway," she said, "there you have it. Your baby sister is a sexual submissive, and wants a man who will dominate her at least part of the time in the bedroom, if not all the time. I mean -- Will Kds Preteen wasn't always in dominant mode, and the vanilla sex was still good, and cuddling is wonderful sometimes -- but I'm a subbie first.""No problem, sis," I said. "We all have our kinks. Someday, maybe I'll tell you about mine.""Okay," she said. "Wow, I feel a lot better -- thanks, Jordan.""You're welcome, honey."Half an hour or so later, we went back to the house -- I was already thinking of it as home -- and I made supper, a big pot of spaghetti sauce with meat, and after cleaning up, we all eight sat and watched a movie -- Beth had, while raiding the town for food, also hit a video store and grabbed pretty much one of everything.The night passed uneventfully, and I was delighted at how well my girls and my sister got along. Before supper, even, Kelly was sitting in Beth's lap, and they were talking like they'd known each other their whole lives. She got along just fine with all the girls -- hell, I think she honestly loved them all already -- but I could see that she'd already bonded, and bonded tightly, with my Kelly. During the movie, Beth sat next to me, snuggled under my arm, and Kelly sat on her lap.After the movie, we all went to bed, and later, just after one, I woke up when Sara and Kelly climbed into bed with me, fucked me silly, then went back to their own beds.The next day, Beth took me to the power station in the morning. All the controls and monitoring systems for all the various stations were at the hydroelectric plant, and we went over what should be done and when together, noting the maintenance schedule, planning on following it very religiously, which meant that in a few days, we'd have to start the pre-winter maintenance on the wind-farm, lubing and winterizing the windmills. There was a bucket truck for the job, and the instructions were clear and easy to understand (and follow, we found out when we did it) so that was all right.The day was spent in a task I thought of because of a fondness for an old horror writer named Stephen King -- he'd written a post-apocalyptic thriller, and in it, one thing that the people did when they restarted their power plant was run around to all the empty houses in the town they were staying in and turn everything off. We started that, all eight of us, got a good bit of the town done that day, then Kds Preteen went home and had a big supper and watched a movie together. Again, while she was affectionate and happy with all the girls, Beth spent much of her time in Kelly's company, and if Beth was sitting down, there seemed to be about a 90% chance that Kelly would be in her lap. As with the previous night, Beth sat under my left arm during the movie, and Kelly sat on her lap. This time, though, Katie sat on my right side, snuggled up and cuddling.That night, Katie came into my room before I even got to sleep, and started making out with me. We just necked and cuddled, and I played with her gently, for an hour or so, to make sure Beth was asleep. Finally, about 11:30, Kelly said, "I want to fuck -- but I want to do it a little different. I haven't ever sat on your lap facing away from you, Jordan, and I want to, so that I can get used to it -- I want to Kds Preteen be eaten while you fuck me sometime, an' that seems like the best way.""All right, sweetie," I said, lifting my eight year old lover off of me and sitting up against the headboard. "Want me Kds Preteen to lift you on?""Yeah-huh, please," she said.I lifted Katie up, lowered her onto my dick, moaned quietly as that sweet little pussy slid over me like a warm, wet glove. Immediately, Katie started rocking a little, and rising up and lowering back down on my cock."That's nice," Katie said in a dreamy voice, then gasped a little as my fingers started rubbing her clit. "Oh, that's *so* nice!"The door to my room opened, and Beth, dressed in a t-shirt and panties, stepped in, saying, "Jordan, I can't slee--oh my god!""Hi," Katie said calmly, still moving on my cock. "Come on Kds Preteen in, Beth. It's okay, I like this -- I asked him to do it."Beth came in, staring with an expression of complete shock as my eight year-old lover moved slowly and happily on my cock. She closed the door behind her automatically, and stood just inside it, staring at us."You can come closer if you want," Katie said. "If you want to watch, I mean. That chair's close enough you could see.""I . . . Jordan, what the fuck?" Beth said."Sis, when I met the girls, they'd been watching their dad's porn tapes, which were mostly lesbian and blowjob compilations, and they were trying the lesbian stuff out on each other with no prompting from me," I said, not missing a beat as I stroked in and out of Katie's pussy. "Afterwards . . . they asked to do things with me, and I . . . well, I said yes.""Jesus," Beth said, not moving any closer. "But . . . all three of them?""All six," Katie said, grinning. "The twins and Kelly watched us and wanted to join in. They're all hot, so we said yes. I love watching the twins sixty-nine, it's *so* hot!""All . . . six," Beth said, leaning back against the wall. "All . . . Jordan, are you fucking *Kelly?!*""Yes," I said -- and let it hang. What else *could* I say?"I don't . . . damn,"
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